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Reflecting Russia

I was given the opportunity to go to Russia for most of the month of July. When I was asked to go, I guess you could say I was indifferent toward the idea at the time. My attitude was kind of like ‘Yeah okay, I’ll go, we’ll get to do some cool stuff, and meet some people, and then we’ll come back.’

When I look back on that attitude now, I want to kick myself – which is not smart, by the way, and I would advise against it. Russia was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, definitely the best experience I have had this year. I went with nine other college students on this trip, and our purpose was culture exchange with Russian college students, with the “hidden” purpose of hopefully being able to share our faith with these students. Continue reading

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Why Atheism Does Not Exist – Part 2

First, let me start off by saying that this really is not a continuation of the original post, but I titled this the same in order to bring back some of the readers and such. In addition, I will admit that I wrote the first post with the wrong motives in mind – I was writing it at a time when I had very few readers and I was trying to get more hits on my blog, yes, it was pathetic, I know. However, that is not to say I am changing my views, I stand behind what I wrote, but with this post, I am just going to look at the definition of atheism and why it is self-defeating.

My premise in making the statement, atheism does not exist, is based on the strict definition of atheism. So overall, I am saying at the most a person can be agnostic. I am not going to consider “weak atheism” vs. “strong atheism” because that is like saying “weak Christianity” vs. “strong Christianity” – it is a cop out. “Weak Christianity” doesn’t exist either. There are only two positions. Either you are a believer – one who has repented and placed faith in Jesus Christ – or you are a non-believer. Continue reading

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In one day, I leave for Russia on a team mission trip. We will be gone for two weeks. This trip has me excited, and I have just now started to get a little nervous after hearing about some of the security and safety measures that we will have to go through.

The purpose of this trip should be obvious based on my wording in the first paragraph, and for those who know me, but we are going for “cultural exchange.” As I understand it, we will be traveling in groups of two with about ten Russian college students in each group. Most/all of these will not be Christians, so our purpose is to set a Christ-like example, and let Him shine through us (while exchanging cultures of course). Continue reading

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