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The following conditions do not mean that I permit only opinions that are in agreement with me. However, since some choose to abuse the use of comments on my blog, here are my conditions:

1). This is my blog. Your readership, participation, and commenting is appreciated but not expected. If you don’t like what you read on here please be aware that you are under absolutely no obligation to remain or return to Lost & Found. Conversely if you comment with the intent to start a debate for absolutely no reason, I am under absolutely no obligation to allow you to stay here.

2). You are a guest on this blog. Your ability and permission to leave comments on this blog is a privilege, not a right.

3). Lost & Found will not tolerate anyone who comments on this blog merely to “disagree” with everything that is posted on here. If this is your intention, please peruse someone else’s blog.

4). Lost & Found will not tolerate demeaning, harsh-toned, vitriolic, abrasive, coarse, condescending, vindictive, abusive, insulting, disrespectful and/or downright mean-spirited comments.

5). If you leave comments under the guise of being a fellow Christian, yet you consistently espouse ideas antithetical to the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, expect that your comments in particular to be moderated much more carefully. I will not provide a platform for you to spread your seeds of doubt.

6). If you can’t leave a comment without judging me for judging others then please find another blog to comment on that allows you to blatantly twist Scripture while you judge them.

7). My blog exists in part to defend the Christian faith.

8). Although I am not averse to disagreement and debate, I do not have the time to deal with baseless, Biblically illiterate, shallow platitudes and twisting of Scripture.

9). If you feel you can disagree with something I have said with courtesy and a basis for disagreement, then feel free to leave your comments.

10). Finally, I do read every comment that I receive. It is up to me, however, whether or not they get posted.

I reserve the right to hold, moderate, and delete any comments that I deem unacceptable.


– Adam Smith

Author of Lost & Found

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