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Utmost Importance: The Emergent Church

I just had a new thought. I have been absent from the blogging world for a while, because I always seem to want that big, attention grabbing post, and I just haven’t had the inspiration for it (yet).

Anyway, I have not been posting about ideas and articles that I read, that I may have an opinion about because they just aren’t “blog worthy.”

Well, that will change. As they come to me, I will post them with the tag, “Utmost Importance.”  They are urgent reads that need attention in our culture today.  So here is one based on something  I just read on a blog. Continue reading

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The Acropolis of the Faith

I do want to get back to writing soon, but December has been a busy month for me. So, just to get something posted, here is this for you to reflect on…

But now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law, although the Law and the Prophets bear witness to it – the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe. For there is no distinction: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith. This was to show God’s righteousness, Continue reading

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5 Days of MacArthur – Does Doctrine Really Matter?

By John MacArthur

This article originally appeared here.

Is it enough to “believe in Jesus” in some amorphous sense that divorces “faith” from any particular doctrine about Him, or is doctrine–and the content of our faith–really important after all?

Scripture plainly teaches that we must be sound in the faith–which is to say that doctrine does matter (1 Tim. 4:6; 2 Tim. 4:2-3; Tit. 1:9; 2:1). It matters a lot.

“If anyone advocates a different doctrine, and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness, he is conceited and understands nothing” (1 Tim. 6:3-4, emphasis added). Continue reading

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5 Days of MacArthur – Justification By Faith

By John MacArthur

This article originally appeared here.

The Reformation doctrine of justification by faith is, and has always been, the number one target of the enemy’s attack. It provides the foundation of the bridge that reconciles God and man–without that key doctrine, Christianity falls. But the doctrine that the Reformers so painstakingly clarified, even spilled blood over, has become so muddled today that many Protestants barely recognize it. Sadly, there are some who react against a clear presentation of justification, calling it nothing more than useless hair-splitting. Continue reading

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5 Days of MacArthur – The Rationality of Faith

By John MacArthur

This article originally appeared here.

Faith is not the abandonment of reason. People who think faith needs to be divorced from our intellectual faculties have in effect abandoned the very possibility of discernment.

The notion that logic and sound reason are hostile to faith actually substitutes irrationality for genuine faith. Irrationality and discernment are polar opposites. Continue reading

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“Neat Christian Guy” vs. “Godly Man”

I read what follows on a blog today while doing some reading on relationships, and it is really good. So, I wanted to share it.

Source:  Saved From Wrath

As I listened to a recent interview by Matt Chandler – this idea came up of a “neat Christian guy” vs. a “Godly man”. Matt was talking about complementarianism in the church. As I have reflected on the matter at one time being labeled a “neat Christian guy” (NCG) – my hope is that I have moved on from the fluff of that part of my life to be a “Godly man” (GM).

So, what separates the two. Here are my list of suggestions: Continue reading

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Reflecting Russia

I was given the opportunity to go to Russia for most of the month of July. When I was asked to go, I guess you could say I was indifferent toward the idea at the time. My attitude was kind of like ‘Yeah okay, I’ll go, we’ll get to do some cool stuff, and meet some people, and then we’ll come back.’

When I look back on that attitude now, I want to kick myself – which is not smart, by the way, and I would advise against it. Russia was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, definitely the best experience I have had this year. I went with nine other college students on this trip, and our purpose was culture exchange with Russian college students, with the “hidden” purpose of hopefully being able to share our faith with these students. Continue reading

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The Joy of Sharing the Gospel

I have been going through a personal evangelism class this summer called T.E.L.L. It stands for Teaching Exchanged Life Living. It is a completely fresh approach to personal evangelism. I have been trying recently find out all I can about approaches to sharing the gospel. A couple months ago I went through some personal evangelism stuff with one of my friends from Lee University, and I also went through some stuff with a friend from Carson-Newman College. While that stuff was good, I am really into this TELL approach.

I think it is great to go through all the material you can find if you get an opportunity. As long as it centers on repentance and faith in Christ (and making people realize that they, like me, are sinners) then I believe it is Biblically based. Continue reading

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