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Contradictions In The Bible?

Well hello! Yes, I am still around just haven’t written anything or shared anything recently. Well, here is something worth reading.

On November 11, skeptic/atheist Sam Harris commissioned a chart through his foundation “Project Reason” showing how the Bible is wrong, according to him.

There have been a couple of notable responses to this chart so far, so I will share Continue reading

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Responding to “Does Satan Exist” (Video Debate)

This blog is longer than I had originally intended, but I think it is a good read if I say so myself.

Here is the youtube link to the video. It was a “debate” among four people that was featured on ABC Nightline. It would probably be worth watching for you. It is about an hour long though, so be prepared for that.

Anyway, the issue was to examine if satan exists. That is actually not the main point I want to respond to with my writing today. The question I want to respond to was presented by the host of the debate. He asked, “how do you square the notion of a loving God with the existence of a devil?” Continue reading

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Why Atheism Does Not Exist – Part 2

First, let me start off by saying that this really is not a continuation of the original post, but I titled this the same in order to bring back some of the readers and such. In addition, I will admit that I wrote the first post with the wrong motives in mind – I was writing it at a time when I had very few readers and I was trying to get more hits on my blog, yes, it was pathetic, I know. However, that is not to say I am changing my views, I stand behind what I wrote, but with this post, I am just going to look at the definition of atheism and why it is self-defeating.

My premise in making the statement, atheism does not exist, is based on the strict definition of atheism. So overall, I am saying at the most a person can be agnostic. I am not going to consider “weak atheism” vs. “strong atheism” because that is like saying “weak Christianity” vs. “strong Christianity” – it is a cop out. “Weak Christianity” doesn’t exist either. There are only two positions. Either you are a believer – one who has repented and placed faith in Jesus Christ – or you are a non-believer. Continue reading

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How Great Is Our God – Part 1A

This is a spur of the moment thing. I was reflecting just a minute ago on just how complex different things are. I first started thinking about the complexity of the human body and how we need all types of doctors to solve all types of issues. Think about the following list of doctors and medical specialties:

Angiologist Continue reading