Monthly Archives: December 2007

The End of 2007

As we come to the end of 2007, and I prepare to publish a blog for the final time this year, or maybe ever, depending on how God leads, I am struggling with what to write about. I decided that I should very briefly recap some of what has happened in my life over the past year; not so much as stuff, but as to what I have been shown throughout the year as a lead in to a very important topic.If anything I say in my final blog makes you mad, then you can apologize to me later.

I have learned more about God this year then I probably ever have. This is what I believe a true Christian life should be. According to the Bible, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” I believe that we are to long to know God more, to hunger and thirst for Him, to seek Him. I believe that by doing this, he will bless us with Goodness, with his Love, and with His abounding joy. Continue reading


Deceptive Advertising…or Deceptive World?

Have you ever thought about the advertisements that you see on TV and/or in magazines? I usually don’t think about them or the content of them, but I saw a print ad today that made me think about what exactly the advertisers are doing.

I subscribe to Sports Illustrated (typical dude) and the newest issue came today and I was just kind of flipping through it when I ran across an ad that I had to give a second look. The first thing on the page that I saw was a Toyota Camry, and then as I was flipping away, I glanced at the top of the page. There was a woman with who was exposing her shoulders (making the appearance that she was topless). Continue reading

The Commercialization of Christmas

As Christmas approaches, I think about the relentless Anglo-Saxon economic demand for more sales and more profit every year, year after year. I can see all the bells, the lights, and the whistles so to speak of the area being decorated for Christmas, and it pretty much makes me sick.

What have we, including myself at times, done with Christmas? Look at how we have commercialized it, or turned it into nothing more than a glorified fable. Christmas is not represented by lights, Christmas trees, rudolph, Santa Clause, or even a little drummer boy. Allow me to further explain my point.

Continue reading