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It Can Be Dangerous to Have a “Leader”

There are some religions and/or denominations that have coined a leader, so to say. I say that this can be a dangerous thing. Maybe I am just blind to this fact, but I would say that Christianity does not have a human leader. Of course I know that Jesus is the leader of Christianity, so to say. When I reference people like John MacArthur, John Piper, Charles Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, and others, yes, I view them as people who I would like to emulate in their walk with Christ, but I in no way view them as a leader of Christianity in the sense that other religions do. What I am getting at is that some religions have human leaders and/or false gods, and that makes them false religions. Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Islam

By John MacArthur

This article originally appeared here.

Ever since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the already ecumenical climate in America has reached new heights. In an effort to distinguish between the extremist Muslim terrorists and the mainstream Muslim population, the media has called for an even higher level of tolerance and acceptance of the religion of Islam than usual.

In a 2002 issue of Newsweek, for instance, religion editor Kenneth Woodward asserts that “mere tolerance of other religions is not enough” and that “even the acceptance of other religions as valid paths to God is insufficient” (“How Should We Think About Islam?” Newsweek, December 31, 2001 / January 7, 2002, p. 104). According to Woodward, “the most important theological agenda of the new millennium” is for committed Christians, Jews, and Muslims to “find within their own traditions sound theological reasons for valuing other faiths without compromising their own” (ibid., pp. 104-05).

Continue reading

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Understanding Islam

By John MacArthur

This article originally appeared here.

With all that is going on today, can you help me gain a basic understanding of Islam? How does it differ from biblical Christianity?

Islam is actually a word that means “surrender” or “submission.” Islam claims to be fully surrendered to the will of Allah. And the will of Allah,Muslims believe, was revealed through his prophet Mohammed. The revelation is written down in the Muslim holy book, the Koran.

There are six basic articles of faith in Islam and five duties. A simple Islamic doctrinal statement would look something like this: Continue reading

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Thought For Today

How does a relationship grow?

That’s not a rhetorical question…a relationship grows by communicating with each other (in one form or another), right?

As a true Christian, the number one relationship in my life is with God. So how do we communicate with God? Through prayer. So why is our prayer life sometimes neglected? (When I say “our” I am definitely including myself.) Continue reading

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Secondary Life Verses

My original “Life Verses” post has gotten more views than any other post on my blog. It has as of now, 3,384 hits. In comparison, my next most view post has 1,039. So over three times as many views! I truly am humbled at how many people read my blog. I started this blog originally just to jot down some of my thoughts. I never thought it would turn into this. Wow!

Anyway, back to the topic. As I wrote in my original “Life Verses” post, my life verse continues to be Romans 12:2. However, I regularly get comments asking me what some of my secondary life verses are. So, I will share some of these with you now. Continue reading

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