Why Atheism Does Not Exist

Notice how I titled this thing “Why Atheism Does Not Exist,” and not “Why I Believe Atheism Does Not Exist.” I did this because it is not only what I believe, it is also because it is a fact.

The Bible does not acknowledge atheism in any form. The Bible says that all men know that there is a God. Where does it say this you ask? Well, I am glad you asked.

Romans 1:19-20 tells us “because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

God has sovereignly planted evidence of His existence in the very nature of man. Not only do all people know that there is a God, but they know enough about the real God to hate Him and they try to drive Him from their thoughts: “For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened.”

So all men and women everywhere can look at the creation and know that God exists. Psalm 19:1-4 further explains that the creation speaks clearly of God in a language that all understand. “There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard” (verse 3). The revelation from nature is clear. No one can excuse himself because of ignorance.

All men (people) know that they have sinned and they know that there is a judgment day coming. They may deny it, they may mock it, they may even try to explain it away, but they know that there is coming a day when every man (person) will stand before a Holy God – it is a reality. Atheism does not exist. Period.

This kind of stuff is not talked about enough anymore. You hear preaching about your best life now; ask Paul (from the Bible) about his best life now – he threw it away to follow Jesus. Joel Osteen is a liar and whether intentionally and unintentionally he is a false prophet and one day he will have to answer to God. It is not about your best life now; it is about the day that you (and I) will stand before God. That is what really matters. You have all heard the saying, “God said it, I believe it, so that settles it” right? Well that is wrong. Here is the truth: “God said and that settles it – it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.”

My name is Adam Smith and I wrote this based on Biblical truth; I stand behind it 100 percent. I will not back down from God’s truth and I will not be moved.

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43 thoughts on “Why Atheism Does Not Exist

  1. scaryreasoner says:

    Wow, you’re arrogant. Typical Christian.

  2. curtismchale says:

    Not that I disagree with you on the basic premise regarding the futility of the atheistic viewpoint, but I wonder how a post such as this would help an atheist believe that Christ is the way? Would they feel loved because of this? I know that the Gospel is supposed to offend but I am not convinced that Christians are supposd to offend but come along side people in brotherly love to bring them to Christ.

  3. curtismchale says:

    While I was writing scaryreasoner posted his comment. I have seen his comments on other atheist blogs. Does this not prove my point? How did this help him? You just reinforced his negative view of Christian’s as arrogant and made the battle steeper uphill.

  4. Adam Smith says:

    My reply to Mr. McHale:

    Hello –

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. While I definitely agree with what you said, I believe that it is a Christian’s responsibility to “speak” from the word of God with truth, which is all I attempted to do here. If, as you say the Gospel offends, then who are we to lessen that truth? I do not believe that an unbeliever (they call themselves atheists) would be offended by what I said here. If that is the case then it only furthers the fact that they know the truth and are trying in their way to deny it.

    In Christ alone, through faith alone,


  5. graceMark says:

    I agree to an extent with curtismchale’s comments. Your message here is important and straight forward and that is good. The part that comes off as being particularly arrogant is in the closing when you tell the reader that he/she can apologize to you later.

  6. scaryreasoner says:

    So, do you guys essentially agree that Adam Smith is correct, but think he shouldn’t say so because it’ll put the likes of me off, or do you think he’s incorrect.

    If the former, then you guys are worse than Adam, at least Adam is honest about it. I get the feeling you guys pretend to nonbelievers that you can see how a person might think that way, but secretly think the way Adam does — just as arrogantly. But in your case, you’re arrogant and dishonest. Nice.

  7. billphillips says:


    Great post. Ezekiel 33 says we have to warn everyone about the judgment to come. If the Holy Spirit is going to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment (John 16:8), I think we should be on the same page.

    It’s really no big surprise that those who are enemies with God don’t care for this message.


  8. curtismchale says:


    I do agree with him basically. I would even say that I believe atheism is a faulty belief system. I would just work to take out the arrogant tone that both you and I saw in it. I have a homosexual friend. One day, before I knew their orientation, we started to talk about that. At then end they told me they prefferred the same sex to which I responded that I hoped I didn’t come across like an arrogant Christian. They said that ‘no I didn’t.’ They knew where I stood and I expressed it while still holding them in love as a person. I hope that makes sense. If we had a conversation about atheism I would want you at the end to at least respect my ideas and realize that I am not trying to be arrogant abou them or demean you but speak what I think is truth. I hope that clears it up.

  9. graceMark says:


    Likewise, I agree with the message. I agree with the importance of sharing it. But, I also think it is important to speak to a person on an eye-to-eye level and not from a soap box. As a Christian I believe we were all created by God and that we are all sinners – we all have fallen short . We are saved by our faith in God by His grace – His unmerited favor. I have no higher status than anyone else and prefer to not to pretend that I do when addressing someone else.

  10. Adam Smith says:

    To whomever this comes across as arrogant:

    It is really not my intent to be arrogant as I do not think I am above everyone else – in fact, I am above no one else. If the arrogant part is in fact as someone said, “If this offended you in any way, you can apologize to me later,” that is more or less an inside joke between a few people that know me and know where that came from. It has now been deleted, as I did not see how it came across.

  11. graceMark says:


    It is your blog and you have the right, certainly, to put down whatever you want. I was just sharing my personal response, but, I do also respect your reflection and decision to delete the comment. Just as I said in my response, I have no greater perception or status than anyone else and I hope that my comment didn’t come across that way. I just know how lost I would be without His grace. I can’t do it myself. I’m a wreck waiting to happen, but, for His grace.

  12. samanthamj says:

    I stumbled in here, obviously by mistake. My apologies if I’m not welcome.. and I probably shouldn’t bother posting – but, felt the need to reply anyway.

    I did take offense to the over all message in this post…. because, it’s like saying I’m lying about what I believe or don’t believe. And, there’s a big difference between “not believing in something”, and “hating something and turning away from it because you WANT to”.

    Your opinions, are of course, yours and you have a right to them. However, I think you’d have a hard time getting anyone other than another Christian to agree with you. If what you are saying is true… why wouldn’t at least SOME atheists say… “yeah… I know God exisits… I just don’t like him and won’t follow his commands”?? It’s absurd.

    I’m agnostic…. and no, I don’t believe that I “KNOW there is God”… or that there is a “judegemt day coming” as you mentioned. I WISH I knew… but, alas… I do not.

    I have nothing “in me” that MAKES me believe…. or that makes God “evident” to me. I do not know there is a god. So, I am not purposely CHOSING to not believe or follow “Him”.

    I once believed. I tried to keep believing. But, the more I searched, the less I believed.

    IMHO – This bible verse, and your belief in it, is just something Christians like to believe in order to make themselves feel better about believing that so many people are going to hell. It’s easier to believe that you loving god wouldn’t send anyone to hell… but, that those “bad” people are “chosing” to not believe… and therefore “choosing” hell… and therefore “deserve” it. What a load of crap. Nobody would chose to go to hell… I certainly do not want to go to hell (if there is one)… and do not believe I am going to hell… because I don’t believ there IS a hell. If, it turns out that I am wrong and there IS a God, I can’t believe he’s send me (and millions like me) to hell for not believing in him. Especially when he makes it so hard to believe….

    Anyway – I certainly don’t “hate” God. ?? How could I hate something I don’t know is real??? Believe it or not, if I “knew” there was a god… I’d believe in him. I don’t. I am not alone.


    – “

  13. curtismchale says:


    I read back through the comments and it is amazing how through no intention of our own we create controversy when trying to speak the truth as we see it. I had a post in the first month that turned out like that and lost a number of regular readers. I just wanted to encourage you to keep preaching God’s message. I do not mean to get down on you.

  14. Adam Smith says:

    This is a comment I received from one of my friends:

    God will punish those that do not believe. Jesus spoke more about hell than He did about heaven. You don’t have to believe in God, like we all have heard so many times ‘your opinion is your own,’ but that doesn’t mean that He will not punish you.

    I have never seen the electric chair, but I believe in it because I have heard so much about it. In fact, i’ve seen more of God than i have seen about the chair, but know both are true nonetheless. If i didn’t believe in the electric chair would that mean if i sat in it and someone turned it on it would not kill me? Of course not, to say so is to be willfully ignorant.

    Just because someone ‘feels’ like they are a good person has two big problems. 1.) What are feelings. i feel mad at a friend, it will go away. i feel sad, my wife makes me smile. i feel happy, some one dies at work. i feel hungry and i eat a hamburger. feelings can not be trusted. and 2.) Who are you measuring yourself up against? If you’ve broken Gods law, you fail, and need help. That is why the gospel is so offensive to those living in darkness. It is a paradigm shift that they can’t expect to understand until the Holy Spirit speaks to their heart.

    God will punish those that do not believe. His justice attributes will not allow Him to dwell with sin. If everyone would get to heaven by their feelings, what would be the point of sacrificing His only Son?

    If this offends anyone, then you cannot be mad at the ones telling you about the Truth, you must be mad at the Truth itself.

  15. samanthamj says:

    So, you are seriously comparing the electric chair, to hell? (Oh wait… not you… your friend?)

    Hell, is a concept. An idea… A belief that has been interpreted numerous ways by numerous religions, and those interpretations have changed as many times over the centuries as the people who believe them. If it is a real place… well, other than your belief and faith in it, there’s absolutely no other proof it exists.

    Unlike the electric chair – which has PLENTY of proof it exists whether you personally have seen it or not. See, the big difference here is the electric chair CAN be seen by anyone who so chooses to see it – either in person, or by a quick search on the internet. There’s no guess work or “faith” involved in it’s history, how it works, where it’s used, or what it looks like.

    What a poor comparison, really.
    At least compare Hell to something just as scary and just as not easy to prove… like… like…. ???
    Hmmmm??? I can’t really THINK of anything else to compare it to that could actually be real, but has no proof of being real, and is just as scary… can you? I wonder why that is?

    And, who said anything about “feeling” like they were a good person? Although, now that you mention it… yeah… I guess I am an alright person. I love my kids, my family, I donate money and time to charities… I even take in stray animals. I know to you, none of this matters if it’s not done in the name of God… but, I bet my children, my friends, and the people I’ve helped out (not to mention the dogs I helped rescue) would probably beg to differ. Still… like ALL humans (Christians and Non-Christians alike), I have my short-comings… and am certainly a long way from perfect. No doubt. And I am always trying to improve (as you probably are too). Of course, everyone fails and needs help at some point… regardless of religion or creed. I never denied that. You just seek your help from different sources than I do.

    I also never said anything about getting in to heaven based on “feelings”. I don’t believe in heaven anymore than I believe in hell. I really wish I did… it would make me feel a lot better about losing some of my loved ones… but, I just can’t… and not from lack of trying.

    But no, that wasn’t my point at all in my previous post. I was simply responding to your post, where you said that ALL people KNOW deep down that God exists, and if they don’t believe, it’s because they are CHOOSING to not believe or follow him.. and not because they simply don’t know, or don’t believe.. or can’t believe. I still can’t disagree more with this.

    As a friend once said to me:
    “I don’t know about you guys/gals, but it is my very human understanding that Love given as The Ultimatum is not love, but manipulation in the name of love. Is “Free-Will” truly “FREE” when the only other option leads to hell?”.
    I think not… and I can not believe in something just because someone tells me to… when my heart, my head, and my very being simply does not believe.

    The “gospel” isn’t offensive to me because as you wrote “It is a paradigm shift …. (blah blah blah)”. It was your post, YOUR words, (Not the “gospel”) that was offensive because it was very condescending, and simply not true. I know what I think. I don’t need you to tell me what I think or why I think it. You don’t have a clue what I think or why.

    Anyway, in case you care – I’m not offended anymore. I’m over it. I’m sure we can all sleep better at night now knowing this. ;) I know you are believing what you think you should believe, and those beliefs cause you to speak accordingly. You can’t even see how basically rude and absolutely not helpful such talk is. I get it, though. You can’t help it. I get it, because I actually use to think a lot like you… and know plenty of people who still do. I feel sad for you – (and them) but, am not offended.

    My apologies for interrupting your little blog of holier-than-though condemnation. Please go back to speaking as if you know everything, along with hating, judging, and threatening all those that dare to not believe the same things you do.

    So much for that old hymn that I use to sing every Sunday – “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love.. by our love… “.
    Guess you don’t know that one, huh?

    Have a good one…

  16. mylogrove says:

    How can you make an argument against atheism using the bible. Of course the bible is going to say that. It is basically an advertisement for god. Someone might make an argument that you cannot prove the existence or non-existence of god. And that the existence of god relies upon faith, not any logical absolute. So either have faith or not, and don’t worry about proving the existence of god.

  17. scoobnut says:

    What makes me angry is, not necessarily what you have said in this post, but that you can’t understand why it could be and is offensive to someone who doesn’t subscribe to your particular beliefs. Imagine that an atheist tells you that Christianity doesn’t exist. Not that your God isn’t real, not that you are wrong, but that there can’t possibly be people who believe in your God, and those who say they do are lying. You are lying when you claim to believe in God. But that can’t possibly be offensive, because in that person’s eyes, that is the truth. You have based your statements on your own proof. And they base their statements on their proof.

    I believe in God. I’m having a bit of trouble with the church right now (mainly because of people like you), but I have no problem with God. However, there have been times in my life when I questioned his existence. And I can understand why some people would choose not to believe in a supreme being. I cannot believe that they are lying about their lack of belief.

    Also, your arrogance in that first paragraph absolutely astounds me.

  18. Adam Smith says:

    My reply to “The Mutt’s Nuts” comment above:

    A believer is someone who not only acknowledges the existence of God, but also follows Him at His word. There are only two kinds of people as far as the Bible is concerned: believers and unbelievers. It is not about my beliefs; it is about whether or not you believe and follow God, or do not believe.

    My whole point of that was to say that no where in my post did I say that “atheists” are really believers in denial, because that is just not the case.

    As far as what the Bible gives me a license for, it gives me a license to tell the truth, and if I come off as insulting, offensive, or rude to someone who does not believe it, then so be it, and I will not apologize for that.

    Remember, Jesus loves you. :)

  19. Adam Smith says:

    My reply to scoobnut’s comment above:

    I believe when you said, “But that can’t possibly be offensive, because in that person’s eyes, that is the truth. You have based your statements on your own proof…” that you addressed your own anger issue when you said I can’t understand why it could be and is offensive to someone…

    If what you say is true that because in that person’s eyes it can’t be offensive, then how can an “atheist” be offended? “They base their statements on their proof,” so they can’t possibly be offended, just as I would not be offended if someone says I am lying if I say I believe in God.

    Oh, and thank you, I work very hard on my “arrogance,” as you see it.

  20. Paul C says:

    Ha ha ha.

    I just wrote a holy text that says that Christianity doesn’t exist. So it doesn’t.

    Oh, wait. You don’t believe in my text. Oh, crap.

  21. Adam Smith says:

    To Paul C:

    Yep, you’re right, I don’t believe in your text so you just wasted your time…

    Wait, wait don’t tell me… you don’t believe in my text, so I wasted my time…

    Wow, it could only be my arrogance allowed me to come up with that response before you could even say it.

    Jesus loves you.

  22. Great way to start a discussion Adam. Its spawned a rather fascinating thread.

  23. imabbb says:

    Adam, I think the bottom line is that you have swallowed Christianity blindly and seem unwilling to question your faith. In my opinion, and what some of these others have been trying to tell you, is that unquestioned faith is of no value. Is is just dogma and as such is essentially weak.

    Your faith is not your own unless you are willing to examine it with an open mind. God gave you an intelligence, a curiosity, and a sense of reason. He wants you to use those gifts to discern what is truth and what is man-made garbage. If you are unwilling to think for yourself, you are in effect thumbing your nose at God, denying his gifts, and taking the easy way out.

    You can tell me that all people KNOW that there is a God, and I would agree with you. But I will also tell you that every Christian has doubts about Christianity and KNOWS that parts of it are man-made. You can say what you want, but we both know it’s true. It doesn’t mean that God is a lie, just that Christianity is not perfect and the Bible is not inerrant. You have doubts and you know it.

    All I’m saying is that you should acknowledge those doubts and have the courage and the moral fortitude to examine them for yourself.

    Oh, and Jesus loves you too.

  24. Adam Smith says:

    My reply to imabbb:

    Why is it that you assume that I have “swallowed Christianity blindly and seem unwilling to question your faith.”? I don’t necessarily question my faith so much as I do examine it constantly. Why do I believe what I believe? That is not questioning so much as it is examining. And, yes, I am sure that there are parts of Christianity that are man-made.

    I agree with you that faith is not your own unless you examine it; if you (general you) don’t, then all you are basing it off of is hearsay by someone else, and that isn’t real faith at all.

    Do I have doubts about Christianity? I think it depends on how you define Christianity. If it is defined as a certain denomination or teaching by some church, then of course. However, if it is defined as believing that God sent Jesus Christ to be the propitiation for our sins, and that He is my Savior by grace alone, and the Lord of my life, then no, I do not have doubts. Does this mean that I am not constantly examining on a deeper level? No, because it is my longing to know Him more, and I do not believe that in my lifetime I will ever know all there is to know about God or all that He is trying to teach me.

    As far as the inerrancy of Scripture, I believe in that fully, because the Bible is the Inspired Word of the Perfect God. Do I believe that what is contained in it is complete truth? Yes. Please see the difference in what I just said; I said complete truth, not THE complete truth. There will always be things that God will show me, that may not necessarily be spelled out in scripture (I do not know because I of course do not know all of the meanings behind everything in scripture). I think you will understand what I mean.

    I agree completely with you when you say (on your site), “Unexamined faith is worthless. Unchallenged beliefs are weak. Question everything and hold fast to what remains so that in the end you know not only what you believe but also why you believe it. This is the foundation for true faith.”

    In Christ Alone,


  25. tjhinn says:

    Adam, your ‘argument’ for God simply doesn’t run well with Atheists. They don’t believe God exists. They don’t believe in the Bible. So whatever was said in the Bible? You can’t use that to convince them can’t you now?

  26. Adam Smith says:

    My reply to tjhinn:

    Obviously, I am not trying to convince a so called “atheist” of anything. There is no way that will happen on a computer screen. I think only God can convince a so called “atheist.”

  27. I fully agree with tjhinn: throwing the bible into every discussion is not going to help you at all when talking to atheists. The bible is a man-made document, a compilation of ancient stories trying to explain what people couldn’t understand in those days and adapted to fit christianity. It’s just not valid as an argument.

  28. Chris H says:


    I’d encourage you to listen to Ravi Zacharias and his apologetics stance against atheism. You can find him on itunes. It is difficult to convince an atheist of anything when using Scripture as the basis of the argument.

    I love Zacharias’ argument because he has traveled the world many times over, speaking on college campuses and debating atheists and I know of no time when someone has been able to completely refute him. Of course, his argument is only used as a tool to lead someone then to the Scriptures so they can see it for themselves and be changed by the Holy Spirit.

    As an encouragement, keep on speaking the truth in love. (Eph 4:14-16) Grace and peace to you brother!

  29. dbc_thw says:

    well…this is not really about the validity of the Bible, this is about the depravity of man.

    i think with this blog one could say that it is a waste of time. believe it or not, i would rather be doing a thousand other things right now, but i am compelled to type this response to those of you who will read it. not because i have this burning desire to be right. not because i want to add numbers to your local church. the church is already full of people playing christian because their father played christian, and their father before that. that’s why it’s so hard to speak to non-christians about the truth, because they have only seen and heard hypocrisy.

    i write this because i only want to plant a seed of thought so that the Holy Spirit may bring it to fruition. this blog by itself will not save a single person, but it might spark a thought that leads to further questions. the only reason we continue to write these is that we love you and want you to know the truth. if we knew the cure for cancer and never told anyone, would that be love? the problem is that no one knows they are sick. i will throw away all arrogance, pride, and motive of self gain to say that i love all of you and that i want all of you to see the amazing grace and mercy that i have found.

    you don’t have forever, though. time is running out. this is the most important decision you could ever make.

  30. Adam Smith says:

    Okay this spin is going to stop right here. There will be no more spinning with other people’s comments. If you are responding to my blog with positive or negative comments about it specifically, then so be it. If you are going to respond to a third party comment to try and tell them that they don’t know what they are talking about, then feel free to peruse someone else’s blog.

    I just received a comment about dbc_thw’s comment that stated, “are you calling my parents hypocrites?” I am deleting that comment because it is starting a spin that I want no part of.

    How can I do this? It is in my power as moderator of this blog, and I am going to exercise that power now.

    As I said, if you are going to comment about something I said, fine; but there will be no spinning on any more comments on my blog.

    Here is my thought of the day, well not mine, someone else’s (thank you to that person!), but here it is anyway. How can an atheist justify death? That is purely a question that I am proposing and not an arrogant statement.

  31. Adam,

    Sorry about my previous comment, I admit that I got a bit carried away. And you’re absolutely right, this is about your post and not about our comments.

    Over to your question about justifying death. I don’t understand why death should be justified?

  32. Adam Smith says:

    I am just saying that it is a Christian’s viewpoint to justify death as being caused my the original sin of Adam, and the only way to life after death is to believe that God send His sinless Son to die on the cross for our sins so that we might live.

    I am just curious on the atheistic viewpoint of why there is death – where it came from. It is my understanding that the common atheistic viewpoint is that death is the end, no more existence after that.

  33. Well, I can only speak for myself and not claim the common atheistic viewpoint (if there is one). For me death is the end, there’s no reason for it. You cannot live forever, your cells loose the power to regenerate and stuff like that. Well, I’m not gonna go into the scientific details, let’s avoid that ;-) But again, no justification for me and to be fair, I don’t need it either.

  34. Getting Tired says:

    OK, so if the bible is true and you believe it — you must go out this Sunday, find people who are working, and KILL them. Otherwise you are not a true Christian. Hopefully none of you have ever had to work on a Sunday, or presumably you should kill yourself.

    Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day there shall be to you an holy day, a sabbath of rest to the Lord: whoseoever doeth work therein shall be put to death. Ye shall kindle no fire throughout your habitations upon the sabbath day.” (Exodus 35:2)

  35. Adam Smith says:

    Reply to getting tired:

    You have taken that horribly out of context!

  36. Getting Tired says:

    seems pretty clear to me. care to elaborate on the context?

  37. It seems like Getting Tired has you in a pretty tough spot Adam.

    The only real reply you can take while preserving your need to follow the Bible as the infallible word of God is to insist that Jesus made the Torah totally irrelevant. But since you are taking the tact of using the Bible as proof, could you kindly show the text where the sabbath death sentence clause gets nullified?

  38. Adam Smith says:

    My response to the two comments above:

    I am going to try to respond to this using the only thing I know to be absolute truth, The Bible; I realize that this will not mean much to either of you. I will state a disclaimer here. I am consulting some of my other research sources on this topic, as I was unsure of exactly where some of the Bible verses were found and some of the explanations and so forth. I am going to try to tie this together as well as possible.

    First, I am going to address the Old Testament Sabbath command, found in Exodus 20:8-11. Sabbath means rest, therefore “Remember the Sabbath” means don’t forget to take a day off. Additionally, “Keep it holy” means to set it aside as special, not just aimless rest, but God-centered rest. Attention should be directed to God that is more steady or more concentrated than on ordinary days. Third, it says “six days you shall labor, but the seventh day…” The pattern described here is work six, rest one, work six, rest one. It does not say that the Sabbath has to be the final day or the first day of the week as the concept of weeks is not even mentioned. Finally, it says, “…and made it holy.” It means He set the day aside for special focus on what is holy, specifically God and His holy works.

    There is definitely a lot more to be said on this, but to summarize this, the Old Testament teaching is that the Sabbath is a way of remembering and expressing the truth that God is our creator and deliverer and sanctifier. We are dependent on Him for all we have in the world, for our deliverance from enemies, and for our holiness. He has indeed designed that we work. But our work neither creates, nor saves, nor sanctifies. For these we depend on the grace of God. All things are from Him and through Him and to Him.We must never forget this and begin to take our strength and thought and work too seriously, we should keep one day in seven to cease from our labors and focus on God as the source of all blessing.

    Some other references verses here are Exodus 31:12-13 and Deuteronomy 5:15. God’s purpose for us on the Sabbath is that we experience the highest and most intense joy that can be experienced; that we “take delight in the Lord” (Isaiah 58:13-14).

    Now I am going to focus on the New Testament teachings (which came about in order to attempt to bring the people of that day back to the original purpose of the Sabbath). Using Matthew 12:1-12, it is a day for showing mercy and a day for doing good (v. 12). It should not be governed rigidly by narrow definitions of what is work and what is not. It is a day to focus on the Lord. And now Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath (according to v. 8), so it is a day to focus on Jesus.

    Now, I believe the context in Exodus 35:2 to mean (as it applies today) not literal death, but as a way to make people realize that if they stick to their pleasures instead of setting aside a day, that it will lead to eternal death and separation from God. I believe the Old Testament regulations governing Sabbath observances are ceremonial, not moral, aspects of the law. An example is Exodus 35:2. As such, they are no longer in force, but have passed away along with the sacrificial system, the Levitical priesthood, and all other aspects of Moses’ law that prefigured Christ.

    There has been a lot of variation on God’s original command and his purpose for the Sabbath. the Old Testament command is when there was still a sacrificial system and Mosaic Law. We are now living under the New Covenant (Hebrews 8).

    I really hope what I have presented makes sense, I tried to tie the points together as best as I could.

  39. Mike says:

    So there is no atheism because the Bible tells you so? And you believe the Bible because, despite its actual history, you believe it to be the word of God.

    In short there is no “lack of belief in a god or gods” (what atheism is) because “God” says there isn’t.

    Do you know what circular reasoning is? You just demonstrated it in spades.

    I am an atheist, proudly so. I hold no belief in a god or gods because, quite simply, such a supernatural explanation for the world is not needed. So far science had done an excellent job and what science does not show, well then I will wait until it does. Until then, I’m ok with “I don’t know”…

    “I will not back down from God’s truth and I will not be moved.”

    Ah see there is the difference between you and I. I am willing to be moved, to change in the face of evidence.

    So, I am more than willing to accept the “truth” of your god – indeed any god. So I will tell you exactly how you can convert me (in order):

    1. Define “God” – none of this “god is love” stuff, but a real definition of what or whom god is and where in the universe they reside.

    2. Provide evidence for the existence of this god. And none of this “eyes of a child” nonsense – real, physical testable evidence that can be falsified and independently confirmed.

    3. Once you have proven God to exist, further provide evidence that the stories in the Bible were actually the result of this God acting. On not the ones in the Koran or Vedic scriptures.

    4. Once this is done, provide actual, non-Christian corroborating evidence for the existence of a Jesus of Nazareth. You do realize that outside of the Bible itself, there is no evidence that jesus ever existed, don’t you?

    5. Once you have shown irrefutable evidence that Jesus exited historically, provide further evidence that he was the son of the aforementioned God (which you should have already proven exists at this point) and further that he performed the “miracles” ascribed to him.

    Faced with this evidence, I will not only stop being an atheist, I will become a Christian.

    Until then, I will be skeptical of the ahistoric writings of a few hundred Middle Eastern mystics, gathered together over the course of a few centuries a few millennia ago and made official by a 5 vote margin in 397 AD. Until then I will not take the fantastical stories and myths of any culture as true, without evidence.

    While I await such proof, I’d like you to ponder this:

    “It does me no harm that my nieghbour worships no god or 10 gods. It neither breaks my legs nor picks my pockets”

    Feel free to believe whatever nonsense you want. Unless it “breaks my leg or picks my pocket” I don’t care.

    As soon as it starts “breaking my legs or picking my pockets” however…

  40. Adam Smith says:

    To Mike above: Hi,

    Thank you for your comment. I am truly saying that with all due respect.

    First, let me explain my reasoning why I wrote “Why Atheism Does Not Exist.”

    Prior to that post, my blog was more or less a small blog read only by my Christian friends. I wrote that post for one reason only… to attempt to get more page views than one of my friends. My intent was not to insult or in any way demean any person or group.

    I realized in a very short time that this post opened up literally an entire new world of readers to my blog…readers that I never expected.

    Second, I appreciate your questions. I have been planning to write a second post regarding atheism since I know that it did seem quite circular and illogical. As I said, it would not have seemed circular to my readers at the time.

    I am still in the research stage of my writing, and have a general outline about my upcoming post. Your questions will help further my research and my outline, so I appreciate those.

    I am a writer, so obviously I have a “writer’s mind.” (Research, Outline, Rough Draft, Revisions, Final Draft, etc.)

    I hope to have “Part 2” (though it will have very little to do with the first one) done within about a month or so, and I hope you will check it out when it is done.

    I know you will find it to be a lot less circular, and will hopefully address the atheist viewpoint better.

  41. Beth Anne says:

    I agree, I agree!! 100% and I am glad to say that when my name is called on judgement day I will be face to face with Christ my King! People don’t understand now, and there are just some who never will. That is also why God himself acknowledges that the gates of Hell are expanding everyday. Then people may ask,” If God is almighty, and powerful, and all knowing, WHY did he create me if he already knew I wasn’t going to believe in him?” That is indeed a hard question, but only one that can be answered by someone with tremendous faith. Christian’s are called ignorant, just like myself as a Southerner, however, it’s just a sterotype, and I myself would rather be Christian and slap dead ignorant than to see all of Gods splendor for a split second only to be cast down to Hell. Remember(what’s his name?) who begged Jesus for just a couple drops of water from the Heavens to rain on him in hell? Yeah buddy…It’s HOT down there. I’m guessing wayy over the simple 100 degree mark! Why not believe? If being a Christian is the most ignorant thing you’ve ever done in your life(atheists) then I reckon y’all are all near ’bout perfect(as we would say in the South). Have fun with that one(perfectism that is) even us ignorant Christians would get a good laugh out of that.

  42. Beth Anne says:

    P.S. God was never intended to be defined bless your heart!

    Oh, and also isn’t ignorance kinda sorta choosing to not expand your mind, thoughts, ect…(not really thinking outside the box) I’m sorry us Southerners really have to spell it out(no offense, not for you, for us!)
    Maybe Athesists are really the ones who are ignorant because they choose facts not faith.

    We don’t choose to believe in Christ Jesus because of facts, now THAT would be ignorant. I don’t think(at the end of the day) facts can really be confirmed, because there you have it a man proven fact was a man who was created by GOD so therefore, it is just simply ignorance.

    So basically to sum it up y’all are just mad with the world because some information wasn’t all put into the Bible(sorry God musta been a southerner…you know leaving things out and all)

    You athesists want people to be able to PROVE PROVE PROVE….however, it was never EVER meant to be that way(GOD created humans to be Faithful, not factful(P.P.S. thats just an added bonus)).

    Even things in modern science can’t always be proven on a daily bases(but don’t you trust(or have faith) In the doctors who are diagnosing, or doing surgery on you???!!!!)

    Well….that’s kinda sorta watcha gotta do with GOD. When you are laying there all stretched out on the operating table you have trusted your hands not just in your “science” so you speak, but that “higher power”(I’m guessing thats a relevent discription…considering your doctor really does have the power at that moment and is quite a bit more knowledgeable than yourself about what he doing to you). You put your upmost faith in him(maybe it is because you know you could sew his socks off) BUT you still did. Thank goodness GOD choose to be God instead of appointing someone else(#1. We can’t sew him #2. He’s just really cool and #3. Did you notice how I told you all what I felt without the Bible)

    Now take heed, those are my facts, so therefore they must be true!!

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