In one day, I leave for Russia on a team mission trip. We will be gone for two weeks. This trip has me excited, and I have just now started to get a little nervous after hearing about some of the security and safety measures that we will have to go through.

The purpose of this trip should be obvious based on my wording in the first paragraph, and for those who know me, but we are going for “cultural exchange.” As I understand it, we will be traveling in groups of two with about ten Russian college students in each group. Most/all of these will not be Christians, so our purpose is to set a Christ-like example, and let Him shine through us (while exchanging cultures of course).

This will be a new experience for everyone involved, as we have not ever done anything like this in the past. Also, we don’t have any “big people” going with us, it will just be us students, so I don’t think we quite know what to expect. I am just hoping that God will open up opportunities for the Russian students to ask us why we act like we do and that will present an opportunity for us to share our faith.

All in all, I think it will be an eye opening experience for me, and I can just hope I don’t screw it up.

– Adam Smith

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