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With All I Am

I am always on the lookout for powerful worship songs. The song below is by Hillsong, and is titled “With All I Am.” This one really hit me when I heard it just recently. It is funny how we hear something over and over and one time it hits us so powerfully. (HT:MD) Continue reading

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God Is Still God

No matter how much we love God and we worship Him, there are just certain times when you feel dry. Like you get up out of bed and realize that today is going to be no different than any other day for the last month. No matter how much you say you are leaning on God, it just feels…well I don’t know, but maybe you understand.

I think we have to remember two main things: 1) God is still God. He is still in control, and He still has a plan; and 2) We were created to glorify God, not follow our own agenda. Continue reading

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