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5 Days of MacArthur – The Rationality of Faith

By John MacArthur

This article originally appeared here.

Faith is not the abandonment of reason. People who think faith needs to be divorced from our intellectual faculties have in effect abandoned the very possibility of discernment.

The notion that logic and sound reason are hostile to faith actually substitutes irrationality for genuine faith. Irrationality and discernment are polar opposites. Continue reading

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A Conversation with Paul Washer

One of my favorite preachers.

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Do I Love Jesus?

I could sit for hours and discuss theology and world religions with some people – in all actuality, probably not because I am an active person – but I do love to talk and sometimes debate about these things. I like to discuss doctrine and church practices. I love to discuss the Bible.

But what does any of that matter if I do not love Christ? And sure we can all (as Christians) say that we love Christ, but what I mean is this, are we in love with Him? Is He all that we desire, is He all that we treasure? Do we long to spend time with Him? Do we place Him above everything else – yes everything else? Do we put Him above our job, our schoolwork, or even our other personal relationships (with family, girlfriend / boyfriend, etc.)? Continue reading

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