Assurance of Salvation

How do you know that you are saved? How do I know that I am saved? Is it because once in my life I prayed a prayer inviting Jesus into my heart. No. (That can be a stumbling block, and a false assurance of salvation.)

Is it because I live right and believe that there is a God? No.

It is because that I have believed that Jesus Christ is my Savior, he is the chosen One, he is the one who took my sins on the cross FOR me. Jesus is not a part of my life. He is my life. My old life is gone and I have a new life in Christ.

But how can we continually know that we are saved and have proof of assurance? First John gives us many tests to show us if what we have, or think we have, in Christ is real.

Test 1: My lifestyle conforms to what God has revealed to me about His character and His will. (1 John 1)

Test 2: The true Christian will battle against sin. I will be broken over my sin. Over time, I will become more sensitive to sin. (1 John 1)

Test 3: I have come to know Him, if I keep His commandments. 1 John 2:3-4 (cf. Matt. 7:21)

Test 4: Do I abide in Him? Am I walking in the same manner that He walked? What are the characteristics of my life? What is my lifestyle? What do others see when they look at my life? (1 John 2:6)

Test 5: ‘Brother’ is not referring to the poor, or of another race (another race does not exist – there is only race); It is saying the one who is Christian will love other Christians – to want to be with them, to grow with them, to serve with them. (1 John 2:9-11)

Test 6: 1 John 2:15 – 17: Do I love the world? What is my lifestyle? Does it demonstrate a love for the world?

Test 7: 1 John 5:12: The greatest evidence is an almost craving for the Son of God, a passion to be found only in Him

These are not the only tests in 1 John, but they are a good start. I encourage you to study through 1 John and know those words. Continually ask God to draw you nearer to him and to teach you His word.

– Adam Smith

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