To hell with my flesh!

(HT: T2S)

“Oh my Lord, I cry out to you, for I need nothing else. God I hate the sin that lurks within me. Rub out my desires and my self-intentions. Take my sin far from me and renew a right spirit within me. Lord if You don’t act, I have no hope and I have no joy.

“Only in Your Son do I find my strength; lately I have been weak. Oh my Lord, to hell with this culture, the devices and the gadgets. Oh how I loathe the evil one and his manipulation of these things in my life and in the life of those I love.

“Lord bring Your swift justice upon this land and may Your judgment come soon. May You save those whom You will. I can’t even begin to imagine what the blood from the ground is crying out to You – their pain must be horrible.

“But oh Lord, You and You alone are good. I know you are trustworthy, but my flesh rebels and sets it’s eye upon many lusts. Yes Lord, crush my flesh with it’s desires so that I see You in Your beauty. If it be Your sovereign will, remove the physical lusts and purge them forever into hell.

“Oh God, my cry to You is for victory and for steadfast boldness in the name of Your dear Son – Christ Jesus the Lord. Help me, Oh Lord, to have a true and holy understanding in the carrying out of Your will and Your commandments.

“For if I remain as I am, I am a fool who is without understanding, and worse yet, a blasphemer of Your name. So, oh God, give me clarity, wisdom and understanding for the sake of Your name. If I am sent to hell, You are just in doing so and all of heaven will praise You.

“All glory, honor and praise is Yours! Your feble and weak servant. Amen.”

– Jeremy B. Strang


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