Superbowl Advertising (2010 Version)

Obviously there has been controversy over one commercial in this year’s superbowl – and it hasn’t even aired yet! Of course I am referring to Focus on the Family’s ad related to abortion, or more importantly anti-abortion. This ad has pro-choice groups (and others, whether they state they are pro-choice or not) up in arms.

Based on a USA Today article (2-5-10), Michael McCarthy writes,

There’s a time and a place for advocacy ads. Our country’s most-watched sporting event is not it.

Funny how the pro-choicer’s, nay, pro-abortionists, won’t speak up about alcoholic advertisements, or possibly raunchy advertisements featuring Danica Patrick.

I just saw a list of this year’s superbowl advertisers, and by my count, there will be at least eight beer commercials, and at least two where continues to press the sex line.

I guess all superbowl watchers will be over 21. Even then, I don’t think people should be put into a position to watch Danica Patrick get a massage or men marching around in their underwear.

I agree with Sally Jenkins when she says,

Apparently NOW feels this commercial [the Tebow ad] is an inappropriate message for America to see for 30 seconds, but women in bikinis selling beer is the right one.

– Adam Smith

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