Pat Robertson, Al Mohler & Haiti

In case you haven’t yet heard Pat Robertson comments about the earthquake in Haiti, take a minute and watch the following video:

In short, Robertson claims that the earthquake was a result of God’s judgment after its founding fathers made a “pact to the Devil” in exchange for Haiti’s independence from France.

One problem (among the many with Robertson’s logic) is that he notes this as a true story. In fact, he is basing his comment on a long standing folk tale.

Dr. Al Mohler, one of my “heroes of the faith” had this to say on a recent blog:

“God does judge the nations – all of them – and God will judge the nations. His judgment is perfect and his justice is sure. …The universe, even after the consequences of the Fall, still demonstrates the character of God in all its dimensions, objects, and occurrences. And yet, we have no right to claim that we know why a disaster like the earthquake in Haiti happened at just that place and at just that moment.

“The arrogance of human presumption is a real and present danger. …Is the judgment of God something we can claim to understand in this sense – in the present? No, we are not given that knowledge.

“God hates sin, and will punish both individual sinners and nations. But that means that every individual and every nation will be found guilty when measured by the standard of God’s perfect righteousness. …The earthquake in Haiti, like every other earthly disaster, reminds us that creation groans under the weight of sin and the judgment of God.

“In other words, the earthquake reminds us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only real message of hope. The cross of Christ declares that Jesus loves Haiti – and the Haitian people are the objects of his love. …If you have any doubts about this, take your Bible and turn to John 3:16. ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.’ That is God’s message to Haiti.”

(bold emphasis is my own)

Did you catch what Dr. Mohler said? He stated, rightfully, that God will judge the nations. That goes for Haiti, as well as the United States for its’ spiritual darkness.

Pat Robertson, you sir have a national television audience. Why do you waste it?

– Adam Smith


One thought on “Pat Robertson, Al Mohler & Haiti

  1. Mr. H says:

    Good points!

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