Who Is This Blog For?

As a new follower of Christ what should our goal be? We should be longing to be taught. We should have a hunger for the Word of God. Of course, we have to have a starting point. A new believer should not, in my opinion, delve right in to the book of Revelation. We should, possibly, start at the gospel in John, or maybe Philippians, or possibly Romans.

Now, for someone who has been following Christ for a while, what should our goal be? The goal should be the same as a new believer! We should be longing to be taught. We should have a hunger for the Word of God. However, does that mean that we should continuously read John, or Philippians, or Romans? Yes, of course! But we must move beyond just those books. We should desire to know God as He presents Himself throughout the whole Bible (cf. Hebrews 5). We have to deepen our knowledge of Him in order to bring glory to Him. We should, as more mature believers, be able to get into more “meat.” We should desire to learn from strong men of the faith.

Further, what else should we – as more mature believers – do? We should make it our aim to help new believers in learning about Christ. We should also (obviously) reach out to unbelievers.

It is with this in mind that I want to define the purpose of this blog, or rather, the target audience. It is my desire to reach more of the mature believers. It isn’t that I don’t want to reach the teenager who may be an unbeliever or someone who is a new believer – I most certainly do! However, this blog is focused more on deeper works of theologians – men much smarter than me. Also, it is focused on answering the tough questions. Obviously, you can tell by reading that it isn’t all about that, but that is a lot of it.

So, while this blog isn’t specifically focused on new believers or unbelievers, I can give you some excellent resources that are more specifically geared in that direction. Or, if you contact me, I would love to chat with you about some very simple and easy to comprehend attributes of God (justice, mercy, sovereignty, love), and to explain to you how God’s grace has set me free.

It is my desire to learn more about God, to go deeper in my understanding of Him, and to live my life to be more Christ-like and bring glory to God. And my blog is a way of hopefully sharing some of my journey with you.

Soli Deo Gloria!

– Adam Smith

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