Thought For Today

How does a relationship grow?

That’s not a rhetorical question…a relationship grows by communicating with each other (in one form or another), right?

As a true Christian, the number one relationship in my life is with God. So how do we communicate with God? Through prayer. So why is our prayer life sometimes neglected? (When I say “our” I am definitely including myself.)

Prayer is communication with God; it is walking with Him; it is thinking great thoughts with Him; it is communicating our joys, our worries, and our fears. Prayer is one of the best ways to worship God. Prayer is, believe it or not, two way communication. If you aren’t hearing from God, maybe you aren’t listening. With the exception of worshipping, we would do these things – talking, walking, thinking great thoughts, sharing joys and worries – with another person, right? So why do we neglect this with our God? Our relationship with Him is more important that any earthly relationship.

Just a thought.

– Adam Smith

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