“Neat Christian Guy” vs. “Godly Man”

I read what follows on a blog today while doing some reading on relationships, and it is really good. So, I wanted to share it.

Source:  Saved From Wrath

As I listened to a recent interview by Matt Chandler – this idea came up of a “neat Christian guy” vs. a “Godly man”. Matt was talking about complementarianism in the church. As I have reflected on the matter at one time being labeled a “neat Christian guy” (NCG) – my hope is that I have moved on from the fluff of that part of my life to be a “Godly man” (GM).

So, what separates the two. Here are my list of suggestions:

  1. A NCG is liked by everybody while a GM has offended someone because the GM hasn’t wavered on the truth of Scripture. A GM has hills to die on and will follow through with standing on core theological truths.
  2. A NCG will be pursued by the ladies (most of the time these women have a low view of what they are looking for in a man) while the GM pursues a woman because God has told him too.
  3. A NCG is the guy who cries at summer camp every year while a GM repents and owns up to his sin as “his” fault.
  4. A NCG carries his Bible (along with his highlighter and other items that make everyone think he knows what he is doing) or relies on the Scripture being up on the screen while the GM carries his Bible and actually reads it.
  5. A NCG provides for his family financially and calls it a day. A GM provides for his family financially and realizes that it doesn’t stop there. A GM most importantly, leads and pastors his family.
  6. A NCG many times grew up in a “Christian” home and might not even really have a regenerated heart while a GM many times grew up with stories of grace – and can actually tell you about those stories.
  7. And finally NCG’s are bored dudes who see going to church as a duty – while GM become elders, pastors, deacons, and LEADERS in the church.

The goal is to be a “Godly Man” – that means in my mind responsibility, courage, accountability, and repentance. Our tendency at times is to:

  • Want all the benefits of everything, but take NO responsibility.
  • Stand down and not fight for truth – at times we have NO courage.
  • Lie to ourselves and think we need no one around us to call us out – we want NO accountability.
  • Fail to say, “It is what it is” – and I am a dirty sinner – we NEVER repent and confess our sins

My prayer is that “Godly Men” would rise up and would lead. Women will follow, good husbands and good fathers will come about, and most importantly Jesus will be glorified as he made men to be men – not “neat” with potential.

I will agree whole-heartedly with what this author has said.

– Adam Smith

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