Look At Me…I Want Attention!

Update (06/04/2009):  The videos that I keep posting on here keep getting deleted due to various copyright claims, so if you can find the video with Carlos Zambrano from the May 27 game on MLB’s website or Youtube or elsewhere, then watch it. If not, then well take this post for what it is worth.

When I started this blog over two years ago, I stated that the purpose was going to primarily be religious topics with others occasionally thrown in. Well here is one of those “others.”

I usually don’t respond to this type of issue, but I can’t resist with this one. Carlos Zambrano (Chicago Cubs pitcher) has always  been known to cause trouble. He has a huge temper. Whether it’s picking fights with opposing players, umpires, or even his own teammates, this guy makes trouble. What is the reason? He is an attention seeker – plain and simple.

Posted below is a video from the Cubs game on May 27, 2009. Carlos Zambrano is kicked out of the game for arguing/bumping the umpire. He then attempts to throw the ball out of the stadium – unfortunately, he could only make it to left field. He makes the slow walk to the dugout as if he had actually accomplished something. At this point he proceeds to slam his glove on the ground. He then, knowing the camera is still following him, grabs a bat in the dugout and beats up a Gatorade machine. Good, Carlos, go after the machine because it can’t hit back.

Well, two things for you Carlos. One, the runner at home was safe and the umpire made the right call; and two, it is your fault he had the opportunity to score (remember, you made a wild pitch).

This guy gives baseball, all sports really, a bad name. He isn’t professional, he isn’t a role model, heck he is just barely a baseball player with marginal talent. If I was his boss, he would be paying for that gatorade machine and issuing an apology to the umpire, his teammates, and the fans. Actually, I wouldn’t be his boss because I would have already fired him (errr… proper baseball term – released him).

It is kind of unwritten rule that a manager is supposed to back his player, no matter if the player has a case or not. Credit to Lou Pinella for coming out of the dugout to try to protect Zambrano. However, when you watch the video, look at Pinella’s reaction in the background. Pinella can’t even pretend to be interested in this situation. If you have seen Pinella in the past, you know exactly what I mean.

I wonder when the Cubs will get tired of this guy’s antics. He doesn’t have real passion – he just wants attention. Hey Carlos, don’t you think it’s time to grow up and start acting like a man?

– Adam Smith

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