Happy Mother’s Day

This post is dedicated to the one person who:

• Took us to school

• Took us to weeknight ball games

• Took us to all day Saturday tournament games

• Washed our clothes

• Checked our homework

• Made our lunches

• Made us clean our rooms

• Made us clean our rooms again

• Made us take a bath

• Made us eat all of our peas

• Made us brush our teeth

• Made us turn off the TV and eat dinner

• And, made us the person we are today

Obviously this list is not all inclusive – I am sure it could include 1,000 more things! Think about this…where would you be without your mother? (Seriously…you wouldn’t exist!)

Happy Mother’s Day!

This entry is dedicated to my mother specifically and also to all the daughters out there (hopefully not sons) who have realized this one truth: “I have become my mother.”

Peace out!

– Adam Smith

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