Biblical Dating – An Oxymoron? Part Seven

Dr. Al Mohler is one of the smartest men that I have ever had the privilege of reading and listening to. He is a pastor and author and he is also the President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Wow, what a build-up! I don’t mean to build up the man; I mean to build up the fact that he has been mightily used by God to spread the gospel. Anyway, he has a couple of posts on his blog that have listed some levels of maturity for being a man. Yes, this part of my series is meant for men, but hey anyone is welcome to read right?

Dr. Mohler is talking about what levels of maturity that you must have to “properly” go from being a boy to being a man. I would suggest that these are good levels to have in order to be ready for marriage. I would even say that one needs to become a man before getting married. Specifically look at number one on the list. I am going to list these 13 levels here without expanding on them. At the end, I am going to list the links for parts one and two of Dr. Mohler’s blog so that you can head over there and read his comments on each level. Men, I strongly encourage you to read both parts of his blog on this in its entirety.

13 Levels of Spiritual Maturity

1. Spiritual maturity sufficient to lead a wife and children.

2. Personal maturity sufficient to be a responsible husband and father.

3. Economic maturity sufficient to hold an adult job and handle money.

4. Physical maturity sufficient to work and protect a family.

5. Sexual maturity sufficient to marry and fulfill God’s purposes.

6. Moral maturity sufficient to lead as an example of righteousness.

7. Ethical maturity sufficient to make responsible decisions.

8. Worldview maturity sufficient to understand what is really important.

9. Relational maturity sufficient to understand and respect others.

10. Social maturity sufficient to make a contribution to society.

11. Verbal maturity sufficient to communicate and articulate as a man.

12. Character maturity sufficient to demonstrate courage under fire.

13. Biblical maturity sufficient to lead at some level in the church.

Part 1 of Dr. Mohler’s blog is here, and Part 2 is here. The last thing I want to share was a comment that someone left me one of the parts of this series. I had listed earlier some worldly quotes, and this one seemed to fit perfectly. I did not allow his comment to post on my blog because it was basically a conversation between him and me. The one thing that he said that was, “myself, I prefer to drive my truck before I buy it.” Now, to give you the context, he and I had gotten into a conversation about staying sexually pure before marriage (I told him I was going to share this part).

His question: “don’t you think that one benefit of marriage is a good sex life?”

My response: “yes.”

Then he said: “well how do you know it will be good if you don’t do it before you are married?”

My response: “I said it would be a benefit, not the foundation. The foundation should be God and you should build everything off of that.”

His response: “Well I would agree with that, but I want to have a good sex life, so I prefer to drive my truck before I buy it.”

Wait, wait… did he just compare a woman to a truck? Never mind. Anyway, that is a completely worldly standpoint. I urge this person and whoever might agree with him to go back to God’s word and really make Him the foundation of your life.

Part eight will pretty much be a recap of the earlier parts of this series. I think I have run out of new material. Stay strong in Christ.

– Adam Smith

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