Standing Firm On The Gospel

What follows here are three clips of people who have had the chance to go on Larry King Live. These three people say that they are Christians. All three are pastors of churches in the United States.

Larry King Live has over one million viewers every night, with most nights having well over a million. So, when a pastor has a chance to go on the show, he potentially has the chance to impact over a million lives. When this happens, shouldn’t that pastor speak the truth? I mean, he has an opportunity that is rare to say the least. This is his chance to speak the true gospel of Christ.

I have inserted clips from Joel Osteen, author and pastor of Lakewood Church in Texas, Al Mohler, author and president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky, and John MacArthur, author and pastor of Grace Community Church in California.

Take a couple minutes each and watch these clips and see for yourself who takes this rare opportunity and speaks the truth of the gospel and who does not. Don’t pay attention to the topics necessarily, instead just watch for the presentation of the gospel.

In the words of Martin Luther, “God Help Me…Here I Stand.”

– Adam Smith

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One thought on “Standing Firm On The Gospel

  1. Simply Me says:

    I can see where you are coming from in regards to Joel Osteen. Though I am not a big follower of known preachers, I know that Joel Osteen is known almost as a Christian icon, unfortunately. I saw on the Joel Osteen clip that he was unsure about his say in the topic. It sadness me to see such sight of such known minister to be so see- sawed in the word of God. It’s not about telling them what they want to hear, it’s about telling then what they NEED to hear.
    Good catch Adam!

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