That’s My King

I was doing what I do best late at night… surfing youtube of course! You thought I was going to say sleeping didn’t you? Silly person!  Anyway, this is a video I came across and it is amazing! Make sure you watch the whole thing… it seems to get more awesome at the end.

With Easter coming up on Sunday, this is a reminder of what this holiday is about.  It isn’t about eggs; it isn’t about bunnies; it isn’t even about going to church. It is about the awesome justice of God, and the awesome sacrifice of Jesus on the cross to die for sin…not His sin, but our sin. He was putting himself in our place on the cross. He died so that sin would no longer reign in our lives. Jesus reigns! Soli Deo Gloria!

Video text here. It is from a sermon in 1976 by Dr. S.M. Lockridge of Detroit.

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