Everything Belongs To God

This song has really hit me hard lately. I have to remember that everything I have is God’s. All the physical things as well as my plans, goals, dreams and hopes.  Everything that I have been given (or in some cases not given) is because of God’s grace. No amount of my effort or talent could bring me what I have… God allowed me the talent to achieve goals. God has allowed me time to achieve my dreams.

I have recently been given a job that I have always wanted my whole life. I really have to remember that God has given me this opportunity as a way to serve Him. I can’t say what I do because of security reasons, but trust me, it’s cool.  :)

As I look to the future, there is definitely things I want to accomplish. My prayer is that I not forget what God gives me. I hope that you remember this as well. God bless!

– Adam Smith

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One thought on “Everything Belongs To God

  1. Deborah says:

    I found this this song to be so true, such wisdom, harmoney, and ohh, so true. Keep up the good spiritual truth.

    May God continue to Bless, your life, you have just brought me a true blessing, of inspiration, that is gift, that cannot be measured!

    Thank You, truly enjoy, this video!

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