The Joy of Sharing the Gospel

I have been going through a personal evangelism class this summer called T.E.L.L. It stands for Teaching Exchanged Life Living. It is a completely fresh approach to personal evangelism. I have been trying recently find out all I can about approaches to sharing the gospel. A couple months ago I went through some personal evangelism stuff with one of my friends from Lee University, and I also went through some stuff with a friend from Carson-Newman College. While that stuff was good, I am really into this TELL approach.

I think it is great to go through all the material you can find if you get an opportunity. As long as it centers on repentance and faith in Christ (and making people realize that they, like me, are sinners) then I believe it is Biblically based.

The TELL material does not focus on “four spiritual laws,” or “five things you can do to be saved,” or “the sinner’s prayer” or anything like that. It focuses on ways to let people know that they need a Savior, that Christ is that Savior, and how to repent and place their faith in Him as Savior and Lord of their life. If someone says that they have a relationship with Christ, then TELL also provides a way to encourage them and help them know for certain that they are a Christian. It is very well developed.

This is definitely an intensive course – it is taking a lot of work and a lot of time. Is it easy to go up to complete strangers and share the gospel? Well for some people it might be, but I think we can all say that it takes us out of our comfort zone at least a little. But God didn’t call us to be comfortable, He called us to go and proclaim the gospel (Mark 16:15).

I got to go to a mobile home park today with my group and go door to door in an attempt to share the gospel. There are many different attitudes that I encountered just tonight alone. Some people were receptive, a couple were indifferent, and one was just flat out hateful (slamming the door in my face). It would have been real easy for me to get angry at something like that, but I just had to remember that God loves this guy just as He loves me, and I just had to pray for him. God is always in control of every situation, and I just have to remember that in situations such as that.

My point is this: if you get any opportunity to share the gospel at all, take joy in that. You are getting an opportunity to tell people about Christ who may have never had an opportunity to hear it before. The chance to share is an awesome opportunity that God has given us, don’t pass it up!

– Adam Smith

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One thought on “The Joy of Sharing the Gospel

  1. Aarti Naik says:

    Wow !

    Amen ! i Agree with u ! the Joy is unexplainable … it awesome … and heaven rejoices…
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    God bless u

    Love :)

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