How Do You Know?

How do you know that you are saved? God will save you His way, not your way. Read Matthew 7:21-23.What that means is that there is only one way to be saved. It is not enough to believe in God with your mind, you have to believe it with your heart! That is completely Biblical! It says so in Romans 10:9:

That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

There is only one way to be saved, and is through believe in Jesus Christ and a changed life – pointing to a time in your life where there has been a complete life transformation. By saying a time in your life, I don’t mean a specific day and time, but just a general time period. The Bible does not say that we have to know a specific date or time. If you haven’t had a complete life change, if you went back to your old habits after “giving” your life to Christ, then I have news for you – you are not saved!

According to a recent poll on CNN, 90% of Americans say that they are a Christian. Did you hear me? Nine Zero…Ninety…90! Typing words on a page is so hard because typing doesn’t SHOUT! But when I hear 90%, I am shouting ARE YOU SERIOUS!

Now I am thinking, what is America’s definition of being a “Christian”? The reason I put quotes around Christian is that I believe many of those 90% have a false definition of real Christianity.

I believe the following statement could stand for America’s belief: “You get to heaven your way, and I’ll get to heaven my way.” Well as I said in the beginning here, there is only one way to be saved and get to heaven; that is God’s way, not your way!

– Quick pause in this blog – I am listening to a CNN interview with Joel Osteen (just because I like to see how I can use the real truth (Bible) to combat some of the stuff he says). He (Joel Osteen) has said that he doesn’t get into controversial issues. That is exactly the problem with this post modern preaching that is going on in so many churches today. If they think that someone may get mad if I say this, I better step around this issue.

That is why I thank God and I mean THANK GOD for people such as who I just recently heard, Tony Nolan, and others such as John Piper, Paul Washer, and Phil Jones (my pastor) who are not afraid of speaking about absolute truth, the Bible!

– Now to the end of this blog – So, my final question to you is how do you know? HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE SAVED?

I could go to the White House tomorrow, go up to the gate and say that I know George Bush, and they wouldn’t let me in; however, if I was to go there and say that George Bush knows me, and (after verification) then and only then would I get in…this is an example from Paul Washer.

Does God know you? I can say with emphatic confidence that God knows me and I am sure! And for that I say, THANK YOU GOD!

The above blog was inspired by messengers who have been called by God to preach the absolute truth who I have heard over the past week: Tony Nolan and Paul Washer.

I kept trying to think of the best preacher that I have heard – especially with some of the ones I have listened to recently; is it John Piper, John MacArthur, Paul Washer… then it clicks in my head… the best preacher is Jesus Christ!

– Adam Smith


2 thoughts on “How Do You Know?

  1. Christy says:

    That is a great message! It reminds me of the song… I am a friend of God. I am not sure who sings it, but it basically says that we are friends of God. No other culture or religion besides Chrristians who worship God the Father can call themselves friends of their “Gods”. Budda, Muhammad, Satan…..Nope! I am a friend of God and He calls me friend. That is such a great feeling. I am glad I have a father who loves me for me!

    On the other hand I do understand what being saved means. I know that I must obey the commandments of God and read his word daily. I am very blessed to have such a God that would save a wretched thing such as me. We are not worthy! Yet, he love us and died for us. Praise God!

  2. gk says:

    How do u know your theology is right?

    Interesting extension of the PW argument to the Church as a whole:

    Pastor Paul Washer
    is American Christianity really Christian?

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