The Progression of Sin & The Hope of God

“The world is redefining morality.”

How does sin progress? First, there is a thought, second – imagination, third – identification, fourth – a choice, fifth – consent.

What must you do with sin? You have to deal with it. If you don’t, satan gets a toe hold. That little hold becomes a strong hold. He now has control this certain area of your life, and that is dangerous!

There are no exceptions to the law of God! God does not have a Plan B!

I think, at least in my case, that I am lucky that God does not judge quickly. But you can be sure that he will judge in the end.

How is sin deceptive? You don’t consider the consequences. What are the consequences of sin? Guilt, Feelings of anxiety, a divided mind, damages your self-esteem, hypocrisy, emptiness, loneliness, disappointment, depression, you may doubt your salvation, doubt that God hears your prayers (how can you talk to a Holy God when your involved in something that is disappointment), damages your testimony.

Now, a couple of points of clarification. When I talk about sin here, it doesn’t mean sin that just happens, I am talking about a lifestyle of sin, a continual living and practicing of whatever the sin is. Second, when I was researching about this topic of sin and the consequences, the source I was using was referring to sexual sin and immorality. However, I believe most of the consequences can apply to all lifestyles of sin.

The power of all temptation is the deceptive offer of immediate pleasure without penalty.

Think about how the world defines sex. I challenge you in to examine what you watch on TV and what you see on billboards and in magazines. See if the world’s definition of sex is not present in everything (if it feels good do it, more accurately, if it feels right, then it is). Seriously, if there is a TV show that you watch that does not in someway show sexual immorality, let me know!

Now here’s the good part…are you ready for the good part? Is there hope? Yes!!! 1 John 1:9

How can you (and I) be released from this burden of sin? First, you must confess your act by name. It is not good enough to say “God forgive me of my sin.” You have to name your sin specifically (“God forgive me for ____”). Second, you have to take responsibility for it – don’t blame it on someone else. Third, you must genuinely repent (I agree with God that this sin (by name) is against Him…I turn and walk away from it, without holding on). You have to have a change of mind and a change of heart. Fourth, you have to forgive yourself after praying for God’s forgiveness. Fifth, you should seek wise, Godly counsel. Next, you have to walk away from it (if it is a sexual sin, you must sever the relationship (I am not talking about marriage, which is a different issue here). Finally, you have read God’s word daily (Psalm 119:9)

I tried to make my explanations and reasoning in this blog clear for you to read. I apologize if it seems a little “fuzzy;” just re-read it a few times. :)

“You can’t argue with satan and win – you have to shut him down – if it looks like sin, run away!”

One final thought for now: Why can’t a Christian and a non-Christian get married? Because of the definition of morality by the world. It becomes a culture war…God vs. world. That is why the marriage would not work.

– Adam Smith


One thought on “The Progression of Sin & The Hope of God

  1. Christy says:

    I agree totally! Confess your sin and leave it at the Cross. God will “Cross it out” of your life forever! I am glad that God puts this stuff on your heart it helps me remember where I am and what I am doing.

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