Real Worship

We must get back to the true heart of worship…not just some song, but to the real meaning of why we worship. Worship is not just in song – it is in your lifestyle, it is in your prayer, it is in the people you talk to…worship is not just some emotional feeling, it is the reason we were made!

Below is a video of Jeremy Riddle’s “Sweetly Broken.” It is an awesome song…yes I said awesome (if you know me, you know my limited use of that word).

– Adam Smith


One thought on “Real Worship

  1. Christy says:

    That is so true. My leadership group and I were just discussing these things tonight. We were trying to define the meaning of worship…we concluded the same things that you mentioned. To some it may be just listening to someone sing or play an instrument, but to others and to me…it is how I show my love to my Savior. It is how he knows that I am truely grateful for all that he didn’t have to do for me. I hope that comes out in my is what I live for! I hope that comes out in everyones life.

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