Depression (and not the 1930’s)

Today is my birthday. And it has made me stop and think. Now that I am in my senior year of college, I am thinking back to my senior year of high school which started in 2001. I was a 16 year old high school senior…how often does that even happen. Most people in my class were 18, so of course then I thought that was not cool…now I think it actually was cool!

I can remember the plans that I had set in my senior year. I had graduated in the top quarter in my class, so my plan for college was to be able to graduate college by the time I turned 20 – well we can see how that worked out! (Grrrr #1).

I was sure that by now I would be married, and I even thought I knew to who. (Grrrr #2). Now, I can’t even…yeah I don’t want to go there… (Grrrr #3). It doesn’t look like I will ever get married. Read a previous blog for why I think that….oh wait, I erased that one, so nevermind….(Grrrr #4)

So, 4 Grrrr’s later… to sum it up:

Plans by Age 23: Have a college (bachelor’s) degree, presumably a good job, and a wife.

Actually at 23: Have an associate’s degree, a job (see how I didn’t say good one), and I am single…

Yep, that worked out well….what a fun birthday! **Sigh**


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