The Landmine of Compromise

The following is based on Dr. Stanley’s new book: Landmines in the Path of the Believer. Most of this came from him, but I interjected my own thoughts here and there. Here is the basis for the land mine of compromise: “Anytime you compromise with evil, evil wins every single time.”

We live in a world where we are continually being confronted with those things that will destroy us.

Every day of your life (and mine), we have the privilege and the opportunity to compromise something… Anytime you step over that line, you endanger yourself in ways in which you don’t even realize… It is the first step of compromise that is the most dangerous step of all.

What are the effects of your compromise on other people? So, what’s the deal with compromise anyway?

When God says something is sinful, it is because He’s trying to protect us.

If your friends urge you to participate in something that you know is wrong, it is bad!

The world’s thought: If it feels good, do it! 2 Corinthians 6:14

The issue is not what I feel, the issue is, what did Almighty God say? If He said it, there must be a reason for it.

Do you have the courage to stand on what you believe? Think back to the Columbine tragedy…the girl who was asked if she was a Christian…and in the face of a bullet, never hesitated to say yes I am…

Do you want to please God or please the world? If God says it is wrong, then it is wrong, no matter how I feel.

Our convictions ought to be based on the word of God

You are asked to do something that is not really all that terribly bad…the issue: is it right or wrong? All compromise begins with a little step…then the steps start to get bigger, then you begin to defend your steps.

Compromise desensitizes your convictions and your conscience.

The land mines may not kill you often times, it is the condition that they leave you in…This is what compromise does to you.

You can’t please the unbelieving world and please God.

Reasons You Compromise:

Fear of rejection:

Who cares what other people think! What matters to me most? HIS opinion, or THEIR opinion?

Bottom line: Do you choose to obey God and to please him and to have his favor, or do you choose to please those who are living an ungodly life and have their favor

Fear of conflict:

When you and I live a Godly life, we will be accepted by some, and your presence will cause conflict with others – because they don’t want to live Godly.

Intimidated by others:

You should want the kind of friends who will build you up, and support you in your beliefs…You can’t listen to the lies of the world – they don’t know the God that we serve!

Consequences of Compromise:

You lose your fellowship with God.

Not one single sin satisfies the human heart – not ONE!

It is deadly to your personal testimony and your daily walk.

Here is a question to ask yourself…Why do people want to talk to me when they are having problems?

Your unbelieving friends hope – deep down inside – that you are who you say you are, so that when trouble hits, they will come to you! But, if you get involved in what they do, if you compromise, then you are just like them!

How do I avoid stepping in the land mine of compromise?

Make the word of God the standard for your conduct.

This deals with every single circumstance in your life. The bottom line standard is the 10 commandments.

Begin every day reading the Bible and on your knees in prayer and meditation

Get focused on Him EVERY single day! We have a GPS on the inside (God’s Positional System). He is Jehovah God, to whom we give all praise, glory, and honor.

Obey the initial promptings of the Holy Spirit

When someone says, come on, just come do this thing with us, The Holy Spirit will immediately say to you…Say No! Do not think about it! That is what Satan wants! When God speaks, it is sufficient! Listen!

Final Thoughts:

To avoid compromise: Be determined to obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.

Oh, forgive me God for the compromises that I have made! Enable me by the power of the Holy Spirit to have the courage to say No, to stand for what I believe; God, when I weaken, strengthen me at that moment, and remind me of what I have heard; show me how to be strong in the things of God.

I am refusing to compromise my convictions! – Adam Smith


2 thoughts on “The Landmine of Compromise

  1. PB and J says:

    while i appreciate the purpose and agree with the content, i think we must be careful when using certain terms. “compromise” is one i wouldnt use in this circumstance.

    i dont think compromise is a very good term to use here. i just posted a thought about the difference between compromise and sin. compromise in proper definition is good. whereas sin is sin. you can see what i wrote at

    grace and peace

  2. Christy says:

    That is a great way to stay on track in our spiritual walk. To not fall into the compromise of sin. It’s just the same as do not conform to the world and what it thinks or expects of us. Thank you for writing that. Love in Christ, Christy.

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