Dating & Marriage

Another episode in the life that is mine.

I have been thinking about my views on dating and marriage here recently, not that I am anywhere close to marriage right now, but I guess that’s what happens when I have time to sit around and think. I wrote my views on this topic in a journal, and it took about 10 pages, but I will not be sharing those on here. Sorry to disappoint you. :)

To sum it up though, I centered all of my thoughts on the following: I think in marriage, both people have to compromise; however, in a dating relationship, there should be not much compromising. You should be who you are, and you should show the other person who you are, if you don’t, then I think if you end up marrying this person that you are dating, then your marriage will be much harder than it should be.

All of the rest of my ideals and viewpoints about dating and marriage stemmed from the above sentence.

Then, to an actual event concerning dating. Apparently I have a big target on my head that says, “Vent here.” I was talking to this guy today, and he was venting about his girlfriend.

You have to understand the “guy mind.” We don’t talk to other guys about relationship issues if you will. So all he said was this one thing and then I said what I had to say and we were done, so don’t think we got all deep and stuff.

He was saying that basically his girlfriend should put him above her friends. Now, I know nothing about his girlfriend, and only a little bit about him. But I basically said that was wrong on so many levels. How can anyone ask another person to compromise their friends just to please someone that they have known for a lot less time? What do you people out there think? Was I right or wrong?

I know that he was trying to get a “seal of approval,” but I am straightforward, and I am going to tell you what I think, even if it is not what you want to hear. So, I know that the last thing he said was something about eating something that is completely disgusting (if you catch what I mean).

So, yeah, that’s that. My whole point here centers around the issue of dating vs. marriage. The real you has to come out in dating and better not come out for the first time in marriage or it will be a long and difficult road my friends.

– Adam Smith


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