What Are You Investing In?

What exactly do you invest your life in? And, no, I am not talking about stocks, bonds or money market accounts! I am talking about how do you spend your days and nights?

Do you work hard to get that promotion? Do you work just so you can buy that brand new iPod, or the latest cell phone?

Do you invest in “earthly” relationships? Do you invest in activities…like sports or jet skiing, or whatever the latest fad…I think you get my point.

Do you know what the Bible says in Job 1:21? It is basically saying that we will leave this world with nothing. It doesn’t matter what kind of house that we live in, or what kinds of cars that we have…it doesn’t matter how much stuff or money that we have, because none, yes none, of it comes with us when we die!

We should be investing in people. I am guilty of not doing this as much as I should. You know that the only way to be saved is to call on the name of God. What about your friends that you have never told? How are they going to find out? You can’t just leave something like that to chance, as I have shamefully done so many times!

I am betting that you know at least one person who is not saved, who does not have the promise of everlasting life. I know that I do. Will you be courageous enough to step out of your comfort zone and tell them about the real life, the supernatural grace?

We are at war with the devil. God has called us to be fishers of men. The Christian life is not hopping through a meadow picking daisies! The Christian life is more like creeping through a mine field while being shot at!

The devil is trying to deceive us every day, and we must take God’s grace that he has given to us, and spread it around!

That was laying on my heart this morning. Thanks for reading! – Adam


One thought on “What Are You Investing In?

  1. Matt Galyon says:

    Good stuff man, keep it up!

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