Finding the Silver Lining

It has been almost a year since I was told that I had torn my ACL. Wow, what was I going to do? Athletics has always been a big part of my life. My job involves athletics and full use of my legs. If I had in fact torn my ACL, where do I go, what do I do?

I was told this awful piece of news by a GP (General Practitioner) and an orthopedic surgeon, so there was little doubt in my mind. Still, I had to seek a second (or third) opinion. So, I went to go see a sports injury doctor, and upon general examination, he also told me that I had torn my ACL, although he also had a worse case scenario. He had said that he thought I had a torn ACL, a partially torn MCL, and that I had torn some cartilage.

I was pretty much in shock at this point. In order to repair whatever damage that I had, I would have to have surgery. At this point, being a college student, I had no medical insurance, and I had a job that I had to do (and, as I said earlier, my job is very athletic and requires full use of my legs).

So, as is required before surgery, I go for an MRI (expecting the worst). When the results came back, the sports doctor said that there was nothing wrong with my knee! So, here I am in shock again! What in the world is going on? The final diagnosis on my knee was that I had “loosened” the ACL, but had not torn it. Well, this is good news right?

Wrong! He said that there was nothing that could be done to fix my knee – that it may have been better to completely tear it. He put me on a strict regimen of physical therapy and personal workout routines to – in his words – to make it as strong as possible.

Now back to today. There is almost no pain in my knee at this point (no pain most of the time, slight pain some of the time). I am still keeping with strict workout guidelines, just to make sure that I don’t damage it further. I have full use of my legs right now, and I think that I have been able to push the mental anguish out of my head.

I guess there is a silver lining here. I did not have to have possibly career ending surgery. I am able to fully do my job, and I have even gotten in better shape because of the strict workout guidelines.

I do not believe in coincidences. Everything happens for some reason or another – most of which I cannot understand. God has a plan for my life, I just don’t know what it is at this point.

Thanks for reading, now go do something important!


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