Always Searching…Never Finding

Where in the heck is my life going? Over this past month or two, I have no clue. I have been stretched in all sorts of directions personally and professionally.

What am I searching for? God only knows. And I have found Him, so I guess I am not really searching for anything. His plan is perfect, and His timing is perfect, so I will just have to be patient and wait for Him.

I know that I am so tired of my job right now, and I am so tired of trivial relationships, and I am just so tired of dishonesty.

I guess when it comes down to it, I am just flat tired. If you ever talk to me, or hang out with me, remember these three things: honesty, kindness, and compassion…it will get you a long way with me. If you don’t have those three things, then don’t even hang with me.

Someone lied to my face in person yesterday, and I don’t remember what exactly I thought at the time, however I do remember thinking that I don’t even care about what this person says. It was the first time in my life that I have not listened or cared about what someone has to say and that is just scary to me.

I know that at least 20-30 people read my blog on a regular basis, so if I had to ask anything from you all, please pray for patience for me. Pray that I will want stuff to happen in God’s time, and not my time.

I love you all, and I will get back to my regular blog series real soon. Peace out!


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