America Today

In a follow up to the blog that I posted responding to a video, I found another video of entertainer Penn (of Penn and Teller) being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer of CNN.

I believe that this video perfectly sums up America today – at least some of the quotes in the video.

Before we start on some of the deeper issues, Penn starts off by saying that Las Vegas is not a very political city. I would strongly disagree with even that. I have been to Las Vegas, and there were signs of politics everywhere. I won’t get started on that but I just wanted to mention that.

Penn did go on to say something that I can agree with. He said that the thing that depressed him the most about politics is that people tend to vote against people, not for people. I would have to agree for the most part on that one.

Now here is one thing that gets me – in referring to Obama, Blitzer says that “…no he’s a Christian, he goes to church.” Just because you go to church does not automatically make you a Christian! If I go to Israel, does that make me Israeli? No. Well, that was a sketchy illustration, but I am hoping you get my point. In order to be a Christian, you have to accept the fact (it is still a fact, whether you accept it or not) that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, and you have to live your life according to principles in the Bible, among a few other things of course, but the whole point is, you are not a Christian by just going to church.

One point I will make…Blitzer discusses a Gallup poll having to do with Americans being ready for an atheist president….the numbers were 14% yes and 84% no. I will guarantee that if a person came out and explicitly said that they were an atheist, that they would have no chance of being elected president in the country.

Then, essentially Penn calls Washington, Jefferson, and Adams atheists. He has no proof or logic for backing up that argument, and I will not defend or dispute an argument that has no backing.

Penn says, “…of course I am not sure” (in referring to whether or not there is a God. Well, one day, he will be sure because as the Bible says in Phil. 2:10-11 (NKJV), that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the God the Father. This of course refers to the angels in heaven, the spirits of the redeemed, obedient believers on earth, the disobedient rebels on earth, and demons and lost humanity in hell.

Finally, Blitzer says in closing, “…Vegas, what could be better than this?” Wow, what an earthly thing to say. The Bible says in 1 John 5:19 (NIV), …the whole world is under control of the evil one.” This is certainly the case in Las Vegas.

As I said, I have been to Las Vegas. On the outside looking in, it is a beautiful city. It is literally in the middle of the desert, flat so that you can look and see everything, always sunny, always warm (It’s a good thing Penn lives there, he should get used to being very hot – think about it, you’ll get it). The thing that makes Las Vegas a bad place to be tempted is the people. It has nothing to do with the place itself. I have never seen so many unhappy people in one city before! People there were truly searching for things that they will never find.

Finally, I did not in one instance say anything negative about CNN in this blog. I have nothing against CNN, Fox News, NBC, whatever. I watch the news for exactly that – the news, the reports…I do not watch any of those stations for political forums. That is why people don’t like a certain station; they are looking at the political side.

I do not consider myself a republican or democrat. I do have a certain way my beliefs tend to lean, but that has nothing to do with being conservative or liberal – it has to do with essentially 5 core beliefs that I have.

I believe that as Americans, we have to exercise our right to vote. If you don’t vote, then you are a loser! If you consider yourself a Democrat or Republican, then you are strongly limiting yourself.

I believe that we should live life knowing that we have to make a choice. Choose the world and this temporal life, living it however we want, or knowing that this world is just an example of what isn’t eternal (death) and instead see (see through your mind, not just what your eyes can see) that there is God and something much greater that he could give you.


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