Disputing a Video

This blog is very long, but please read it, and try to stay with it.

I have been looking for a video to try and dispute. I finally found one. “The Bible is B***S***.” This link for the video is here if you want to watch it.

I am taking each piece of this video and I am going to try to dispute it on different levels. I used a NKJV MacArthur study Bible for many of my notations. Enjoy.

Genesis 1 and 2 –

Genesis 1 is a short account of the creation of man (and woman). Genesis 2 is telling the same exact story in more detail. The fact of the matter is that God created man and woman on the same day…before the end of the sixth day.

This guy is trying to say that it is not the same story – it is two different stories, when in fact, it is the same story.

Genesis 6:13

This guy in the video is saying that “there is no possible way that Noah could have obtained all 10 billion species…”

Now that is just ignorance…there has never been, nor will there ever be 10 billion species on the earth. According to my research of various sources, there are no more than 18,000 species on the earth today. If that were doubled to 36,000 to allow for extinction, then that means there was 72,000 animals on that ark. The ark was built at a length of 300 cubits (5,400 inches), a width of 50 cubits (900 inches) and a height of 30 cubits (540 inches)….(Genesis 6:15).

According to Bible study sources, this space could hold 125,000 sheep, and the average size of the land animals was less than a sheep, so around 60% of the ark space was used for the animals.

This guy in the video has failed to realize his own ignorance, as well as the sheer size of the ark. He also fails to realize that the continents did not exist back then as they do today.

As for what Penn says about the flood – that is an outright lie – they do not have archeological or geological evidence to support a theory.

Exodus 14:22-31

They say that there is no evidence that the Jews were enslaved or that Moses even existed. They go on to state that there is no archeological or geological evidence that they wandered in the desert for 40 years.

To start off, Moses was born in 1,525 B.C., and he died at the age of 120 years old. In this video, they did not try to find the records.

Yes, I do believe that there is no extrabiblical records of Hebrew bondage, the plagues, and the Conquest, archeological evidence does corroborate the dates. The guy in the video is not looking for it!

As far as the bondage goes, Thutmose III, called the Pharaoh of Opression started this bondage and slavery period – I believe. Egyptian historiography did not permit these types of records to be published.

In this video, they are trying to dispute that which they have neglected to find out more about…they are intent on proving the inaccuracies of the Bible without even attempting to be smart.

Further, they did in fact cross the Red Sea, not the Reed Sea.

They state…that Jesus was not the only Messiah…there was Apollonius of Tyana.

Yes, according to records, this person did exist. He was born around the same time as Jesus. He is listed as great philosopher. No one, however, started seeing him as a Messiah until Philostratus composed The Life of Apollonius of Tyana as a pagan counterblast to the Christian gospels is an opinion which has been held by reputable scholars. The book has always been held with the greatest suspicion and even after the Renaissance, when it was introduced into Europe.

The Bishop of Avranches, writing in the Seventeenth Century, expressed this view as follows: “Philostratus seems to have made it his chief aim to deprecate both the Christian faith and Christian doctrine, both of which were progressing wonderfully at that time, by the exhibition on the opposite side of that shallow representation of a miraculous science, holiness and virtue. He invented a character in imitation of Christ, and introduced almost all the incidents in the life of Jesus Christ into the history of Apollonius, in order that the pagans might have no cause to envy the Christians, by doing which he inadvertently enhanced the glory of Christ, for by falsely attributing to another the real character of the Savior, he gave to the latter the praise which is His just due, and indirectly held Him up as the admiration and praise of others.”

There is clearly no record of this MAN from any actual historical source even comparing to Jesus – Just a work written by Philostratus many years later.

Next, they try to ask which parts of the Bible should be used for moral guide and moral thought.

The fact is the Bible is a book that should be taken literally, and it should all be used for morals – obviously not for non-Christians, because they don’t believe it is literal anyway.

They say, in the video, that we should stone disobedient children, and so this should not be taken literally.

They are taken this out of context. The verse is Deuteronomy 21:21. This verse is not talking about one time disobedience. This verse is talking about continual disobedience, which is in direct violation of the 5th commandment. Finally, this was law at the time of the writing, and so it was literal – and of course it is not law today to stone someone.

Penn then goes on and says “Exodus 21:7 says that it is ok to sell your daughter into slavery.”

That is a lie! That verse does not say that – it does even come close to saying that!

Then he goes on to try and dispute Exodus 35:2. The Sabbath day was kept holy according to Israel’s law. Again, “…shall be put to death” was law back in that day. This command for the Sabbath is not repeated in the New Testament. This command belonged especially to Israel under the Mosaic economy, the Sabbath could not apply to the believer of the church age, for he is living in a new economy.

He tries to dispute Lev. 19-24: Again, he is taking this way out of context. Even you all should be able to figure this one out. A man should not go near a woman…clearly means that he should not have sexual intercourse with her during this time (Oh grow up!)

This video is clearly one of ignorance, of attempted disputes of text taken out of context. The people in this video are ignorant, although they may be very intelligent.

They are spiritually dry one day…each knee will bow and each tongue will confess…(Romans 14:11) – including these people.

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