Are You A Reflection?

Even on the best days, Christians are just imperfect reflections of Jesus Christ, dark and distorted by comparison.

When the skies get dark and the water gets choppy, there may be no reflection at all.

If you wanted to appreciate the majesty of a mountain by a lake, would you look at the mountain, or look at it’s reflection in the water? Similarly, if you wanted to know Michelangelo, would you seek him and study his works or would you study the works of students who were inspired by his greatness?

Don’t settle for a distorted, upside-down view of Christianity. Go get the clear picture that is found only in the words spoken by Christ himself. You’ll find them in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You might be amazed at how much clearer your picture of God becomes.


2 thoughts on “Are You A Reflection?

  1. Steven says:

    Just finished reading your posts for today. This is quite an opus for a first day of blogging.

    Couple of questions on your thoughts above. You characterize Christians as “dark and distorted”, saying there may be “no reflection at all” and finish by saying their lives give a “distorted, upside-down view of Christianity.”

    Do you think those who have been truly saved by the blood of Christ–that is, made perfect in His image–have any hint of true reflection in them? Do you find that there are moments they show more clearly than others the power of the gospel?

    I don’t want to discourage your advice, I think sending people to the gospels is great. I would say a little more balance might be due. There is a revolution and when you get close to the people that have been transformed by it you never forget the way they live their lives–truly they are reflections of Christ.

  2. smithadam says:

    To reply to the comment above:

    I did not characterize Christians as “dark and distorted” – I said they were imperfect reflections of Christ, dark and distorted by comparison [to him]. We may try to live the Christlike life, but not one person can do it without blemish – which makes us (Christians) an imperfect reflection. So, when you compare any person to Christ, we are all dark and distorted by comparison.

    I do believe that 80% or more of the people that say they are Christians are, in fact, not.

    Key words in the blog – “MAY be no reflection at all.” I believe that the real, true Christian does reflect Christ. But, as I said 80% or more are not true Christians, so when times get rough, they do not reflect Christ.

    The people who have been truly transformed are in fact reflections of Christ.

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